In one case, I can say without exaggeration that Dr. Marlene’s involvement and recommendations likely saved a child’s life.”

– Kate Harvey, Attorney

I frequently select Dr. Marlene Bizub as a parenting professional in my cases. She has an honest, unbiased approach to her cases that is hard to find in parenting professionals today. While I am very impressed with Dr. Marlene overall, I especially appreciate her professionalism and compassion in the handling of her cases. Dr. Marlene always has the children’s best interest at heart, a rarity in today’s practice I have used other individuals and they cannot match Dr. Marlene for quality of reports and detail in her work. Dr. Marlene is professional, compassionate and thorough. We are blessed to have her as an option for parenting professional.”

– Bridgette Kaczmarek, Attorney

Dr. Marlene Bizub performed a custody evaluation for my family.  She was extremely thorough in her investigations, which I highly appreciated for the sake of my children.  She made sure to listen to both sides of the situation and examine the children in both household settings to get a clear picture of how each parent responds and reacts to situations with the children.

She remained neutral throughout the course of the visits and somehow continued to be unbiased when it came to dealing with the situation.  She never lost focus of the fact that she was there for the children and that she would be contributing to the way they would live the rest of their lives.  She kept their best interests in mind during her investigations and her review of the situation.

Dr. Marlene made herself available by providing her cell phone number and was very quick to respond, with professionalism.  I would highly recommend Dr. Marlene to anyone seeking her services.  They would be lucky to have someone like her to help them through any situations they are encountering.  She is wonderful, personable, professional, caring, and thorough in every way!”

– Tiffany Halagean, Parent

I have routinely used Dr. Marlene Bizub’s services since approximately 2006. I find her to be exceptionally well qualified and insightful regarding the needs of children. I continue to use Dr. Marlene because of the quality of her work and her professionalism. One of the things I appreciate about Dr. Marlene is how she makes herself available to clients and counsel. Dr. Marlene makes communication a priority.  I am always very impressed with Dr. Marlene’s commitment to improving the family law community.  The advanced co-parenting class she teaches has been a wonderful resource for high conflict cases.”

– Carrie Kelly, Attorney

I have known Dr. Marlene Bizub in a professional capacity for at least 15 years. I have had Dr. Marlene complete custody evaluations she and has provided classes on co-parenting for my clients to improve their co-parenting skills. I find Dr. Marlene to be very involved in the family law arena and to be a concerned professional that brings insight and up-to-date information from a mental health perspective. I have found Dr. Marlene to be extremely professional with all parties and all of the professionals. Her demeanor towards all parties remains friendly and positive, frankly, in a role that I am not sure many of us could remain as friendly and positive. I highly recommend Dr. Marlene.”

– Dianna Harris, Attorney