Love your children more
than you hate your ex

The contention MUST end.

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Dr. Marlene teaches her proven negotiation process.

Separating or divorcing parents can learn to avoid contention – and arrive at mutual agreement. Family court professionals can guide parents to do the same.

Meeting Planner: The professionals working to make a difference in the family court system are inundated with difficult situations, demanding clients, and a high level of discord. It’s a sad fact: The court system has become overly contentious.

Clearly this impacts parents and children. Plus, this contention has a shocking impact on the judges, attorneys, evaluators, mediators, and other professionals in family court.

Dr. Marlene asserts: “This contention must end now.” In her keynotes, workshops, and breakout sessions, she shares a negotiation process honed during two decades in the family court system. Dr. Marlene teaches family court professionals working with parents, as well as teaching separating and divorcing parents themselves, how to manage the process so they avoid contention and negotiate their way to mutual agreement.